experience from my domain registration catch program

Yesterday, I got a sudden though: if some domains like www.rpg.com are so valuable, why don’t I write a program to catch domains information automatically?
So I started.
I spent one afternoon on how it structured. With OOP thinking, I have no problem at all.
then I spent one night to fulfill my program with VC and actually with only standard c++.
dozens of problems comes out:
the c++ string is basic on a char class of C. I don’t know C char class well, at all.
the system (" ") function needs a parameter of *char type, I don’t understand what is a pointer, and how it works in these funtions at all.
So my program failed, basically with the problem of the pointer type for the system("") function.
what I plan to do next, is to figure out what is pointer and the C string class, how it works, then come back to finish the program.
today’s updated:
I got the correct answer from csdn.net:
system ( ( string("whois ") + result.c_str() + string(" >>temp.txt") ).c_str() );
this line excutes " whois www.ebecn.com >>temp.txt" on dos.
string ("whois ") : string-ize the "whois ".
.c_str(): put the object from c++ string to C string. for functional use i guess.
( ).c_str(): as above, support "+" operators ( and probably some more others).
alright, my domain catcher gonna be out in a few days. =.= Y~~

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