Domain catcher program finish

a few thing I learn from this:
1.getline is a function, not a class. getline( /* here is where you put the object name */ , string).
this function represents the concept of polymorphism in c++, that is, you can put in various objects
into the function, and the function realize them automatically. 
2.system (); and some other functions that deal with stream characters have to "C string-ize", with using this format:
system ( ( string("dir whois.exe >>dirt.txt") ).c_str() );
3. it will be uneffective to use system(); in your programs. cause huge cpu time and system resouce.
4. c++ means everyting , since it can do most of the things.
I would public this program later. can’t find any good space now
 Bug founded: no timeout detected function.

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