Do you love what you are doing

Well, people work hard for one thing: compare to each other, or compete to each other. And I believe these questions are what 80% of people will think of in their head everyday:
1. how many money I earn compare to others?
2. how good my career makes me look?
3. how is my lifestyle compare to others?
and if the answers to these questions are bad, jealous will torture you and makes you keep going until you reach a point that you are full loaded.
so, career, lifestyle, money, and repeat. It’s like a for loop of (int i = 0; 1==1; i++) that running in your head day by day, month by month and go on and on… extract every little computing power of the brain and keep you going like a lighting fast car when you r still young and healthy, until ages make something borken and you find out it’s too late.
I figure this happened because people forgot to ask themselves one simple question: "Do I honestly love what I am doing?". I mean "honestly", coz most of the time when we think "do I like my job?", we’d say "hell yea, my job gives me good money!" or "well, i need a good looking job to get myself a hot chick(you can fill anything here tho: car, house, ps3 etc)."…
I, for one, is in this situation too. I work for the money, I work for the lifestyle I perfer, I work to give my career a better looking such as a university degree. But I realized I never worked for the job I wanna do, not even once in my life. I have no passion of every job I am doing, and I have no expectation of my job except "money, career, lifestyle…". I don’t know how could I get out of this. Family, money, social life and all these thing are depended on what I do, if I wanted to quit everything that I don’t enjoy doing, I put all them on risk. It takes great courage to quit.
Is this called "the sad of life"?

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