A well said by digg user about what CS is

you have to realize, computer science and IT are very very different subjects. Computer Science is the science and technology behind the computer, IT is learning to work that technology and science. If you go into grad school with a CS degree and you don’t understand advanced trig, calculus, or number theory, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. Concepts like RSA-encryption and data storage (at the more fundamental levels, not stuff like MySQL) are based on the "computer math" that CS majors have to learn. If you want to learn to be a code monkey, IT administrator, or low-level developer, a CS degree probably isn’t designed to teach you that.

There’s also the physical side of Computer Science, stuff like electrical engineering and the applied physics that goes with it. Here you’re going to have to know even more calculus and mathematics (not to mention physics and some chemistry) to be able to do your job. Computer Science barely touches on setting up firewalls and administering linux domains. All that CS does is provide the technology to be able to create those tools, it’s the IT side of everything that deals with using the tools.

So be careful, if you’re getting a CS degree, you are not learning about being a code monkey (if that’s all you choose to do with your degree, that’s your choice). You’re learning about the science that makes the computer go.

A good analogy is that of a car. Most mechanics can’t tell you about the exact construction and function of each part of a car, but the engineer who designed it may not have the best knowledge (and I mean hands on knowledge) on how to install a new rear suspension or new transmission. Even if they were responsible for designing some of the parts and some of the components of that particular part of the car. In this case, the engineer is the computer scientist and the mechanic is the IT guy or the code monkey.

A CS degree is made to prepare computer scientists, not IT people or code monkeys. Thus the university requirements are designed with CS people in mind, not the kinds of jobs you guys are describing.


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