I have just turned 30 and I’ve produced no amazing art.

I saw this article on hacker news: http://spking.com/2011/12/17/intervention/

Exactly where I am now. siting on piles of ideas, without one of them became reality.

The most important ideas I have came up with comes down to two:

A.I. Craft, and a pure Peer to Peer work dispatching system. Since I am taking game class again next semester, I guess I can really bring A.I. Craft up. I really need to do it. Ideas without implementation are worthless. So is my life. I guess I will start to blog about how I make them become fruition.

Now let me talk about this A.I craft project I started two years ago: https://github.com/gzmask/aicraft

Since I am doing game design course next semester, A.I craft really is what my top priority should be right now. A.I craft is inspired by mine craft(minecraft.net) and robocode(robocode.sourceforge.net). In short words, a multiple player robocode runs inside your browser. Originally I was using Google GO on server side and pure HTML5 on browser end. But now the justify to use NodeJS seems obvious. Since the A.I. code is provided by user and NodeJS should make A.I code parsing straight forward.

Also, what would make A.I craft really cool compare to Robocode is Live Coding. So the user change in code should be able to affect the A.I behavior  in real time directly without the need to restart the game. Thus making the game play more enjoyable.

I was kind of doing brainstorming about how this should be. The first thing I was thinking is the A.I code API. Basically they are some functions that controls how the A.I move, how they shoot etc. But when I was coding, I found that really the game engine is what should be really making first and foremost.  So my next post would probably be remaking of the game loop using NodeJS.



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