A.I. Craft mid-project review

After weeks of crazy coding, I finally have a working demo of my project. Some of the experience I gain for making AIcraft:

Functional programming matters, helps and improves the overall development.

I was good at Lightwave 3D as in modeling, and I picked up blender and 3D modeling again.

Javascript is nice, but the C style semantic is not.

Bullet physics is an awesome physics engine! My next project gotta be using Bulletphysics with some compile language, looking forward to C++11.

Three.JS, can’t say enough how amazing this Javascript graphical Engine is! With almost no documentation, it leads me to game development with no sweet!

I was trying to convert the whole project to coffeescript using js2coffee, and failed miserably. First problem I encountered is that Coffee-script hates global vars. I spend 3 hours to fix all my globals, and then Coffee-script is having problem with prototype OOP styles. Debugging is hellish too since I need to compile, run, read JS code, debug in Coffeescript, way too much trouble. The language itself is nice, but converting a JS project to CS one isn’t fun at all. If I am to starting a new project, I might consider using Coffeescript. But my next language would probably be haskell or clojure.




What I am gonna do next:

Keep pushing A.I. Craft. Rest of the game is mostly about arts, that means more relaxing jobs for me.

Considering to start a new project, a online multiplayer role playing game based on the famous “Turing Test”.


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