On Notch’s 0x10c, and A.I.Craft, and Code.Duel

I am glad that Notch realize what really gaming is all about: playing when learning. And he realize that programmers lack of such tool to play while learn. Compare Notch’s game with mine, I can already tell his is more ambitious.

About my game’s progress: I asked two of my friends to test the game out and the concept is definitely fun enough to make me consider turning this toy project into something real. Anyway, the playable version is at: http://aicraft.org:3003/game

The new game will be named Code.Duel. The idea is that players can use different languages to live code their robots. Thus the robot code is running off from the server, right inside players machine using some RPC magic. Technical specs that I can think of right now:

Server side will have physics engine running, using haskell.
Client side will be running OpenGL/Ogre3D/bulletphysics while the first supported language is javascript, then Ruby, then Haskell. The RPC api will be public so anyone can write the bindings for their favorite programming language.
Although it’s call “Code.Duel”, the first game mode I will be making is probably Co-op, that means players vs A.I. Since A.I.Craft proofs that PvP mode will work, I will make sure Co-op mode works first, then PvP mode.


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