Parenting thoughts

I had an late night debate again with my wife. It’s quit mind hogging, especially when our daughter is sleeping besides us unstably.

It’s merely about our career futures. I suggested that we should keep looking for new opportunities, where my wife agrees with me. But she is also concerning about the growing up environment for our daughter. Would she have a stable society around her? How about education? Housing? Friendships and relatives? Are Grandparents going to be around to help?

For me, education comes from internet mostly. Being the only-child, my friendships comes from school mostly, so is my job that is paying our house mortgage. To me , learning new knowledge is the source of all the powers.

Looking at how fast this world is evolving, I am optimistic about the ability of the society to feed basic needs of our child. Driver-less cars are coming; MOOCs is becoming popular; VR or Holodeck is going to the mass commercially; Bitcoins will be disrupting how governments and the banks are controlling the market. I am not even sure if there wouldn’t be an option to live “off-earth” when our daughter grown up.

I get it that people are very careful about a stable live. Steady income, good neighborhood, friends that stand by your side whenever needed. But what I afraid the most, is that losing the ability to adapter into our dramatically different future.

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